Why I should choose EDI?

Current trends: E Invoice
The current trend in EDI is to implement electronic invoicing, which results in faster payments and less paper overhead at the trading partners.
Which is better for me? In-house software, or a service solution?
The answer depends on your specific needs. Some of the issues to consider include:
  • Do I have anyone in-house to oversee the process?
  • Is integration important, or is it acceptable to re-key the information into my application?
  • Are my needs extensive?
  • Will I be receiving hundreds of transactions per month from a variety of trading partners?
We will be able to recommend the most economical solution for your specific needs.
Where will I find my EDI ID?
The EDI ID is assigned to you once the set-up process begins.
What will happen if I choose not to do EDI?
Some companies will make exceptions depending on the amount of data you will be exchanging. Others charge a fee for all documents that are not submitted using EDI. For many, it is a condition of doing business. For the most reliable answer, you should check with your trading partner.
Will EDI be replaced by XML in the near future?
XML, or Extensible Markup Language, is a simple, very flexible text format originally designed to meet the needs of electronic publishing. At this time there is no single standard to govern its use, so it is unlikely that it will replace EDI in the near future.