Warehouse Mangement

Nortech provides turnkey systems for Warehouse Management solutions, including: Consulting and advice;  Hardware; Software; and Project Management. The following case studies illustrate some of our many success stories.

Warehouse Management for Pacific Network

Pacific Network needed a warehouse management system to provide inventory control and management in warehouse both in Australia and Internationally. Nortech was selected to provide the best solution for their requirements. The aim of the system was to connect multiple warehouse together across international boundaries and languages.The first warehouse that was commissioned was to be in Dandenong, VIC. Following on from that, subsequent warehouse systems were required in New Zealand, and offshore.
Nortech provided a turnkey solution that included both hardware and software to run the first warehouse in Dandenong. The specification included 15 wireless devices to perform functions of receiving, putaway, picking and packing.
Nortech selected Motorola scanning hardware and RF/ WiFi network equipment, to provide the wireless scanning environment in the warehouse.

Warehouse Management System for www.oo.com.au

oo.com.auThe Online Retailer required a cost effective Warehouse Management System
to allow for growth and reduce errors.
Specifically the aims of the project were:

  • Increase numbers of orders processed each day
  • Eiminate errors in picking
  • A realtime link between website orders and warehouse inventory
  • No paper in the warehouse, to be replaced by mobile wireless scanners
  • 100 % barcoding of products
  • Realtime integration to courier at despatch

The warehouse size is 5,000 sqrm and includes zones for Receiving, QA, Bulk, Picking, Packing and other specialised inventory handling areas for delicate products. The showroom is included as a zone so that orders sold at Point of Sale are immediately picked as a priority and handed to the customer for payment and collection.
Order throughput capacity was increased dramatically from a maximum of 200 orders per day to over 2000 orders per day with no limit, as additional scanners may be added at any time to meet demand.
A seamless interface has been developed between the Website shopping system and the warehouse, as well as to the back office system. This ensures realtime updates across all their business systems of: Products, Inventory, Orders and Dispatches.

GoFar Warehouse Management for accurate inventory control
GoFar Warehouse Management is a warehouse management solution for wireless mobile scanning. This provides scanning of product barcodes for receiving, picking, packing and other warehouse maintenance tasks, from mobile terminals.
GoFar provides the necessary control of products by location in your warehouse, providing accurate receiving, cycle stock takes, put-aways, replenishment, and continuous inventory visibility.
GoFar Connect provides internet login visibility to your warehouse wherever it is located.
Nortech provides turnkey warehouse solutions, including both hardware and software that suit warehouses from 200 sqr meters to 10,000 sqr metrea and larger. Expanded the solution for larger warehouses, is easily achieved by adding hardware capacity.
Nortech usually selects Motorola scanning hardware and RF/ WiFi network equipment, to provide the necessary scanning environment in the warehouse.

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