GoFar EDI is software used by suppliers and wholesalers to connect to customers
This electronic connection allows product updates, purchase orders, invoices and other documents to be relayed automatically, between the retailer (purchaser) and wholesaler (supplier) and ends with goods being delivered, and payment sent. GoFar EDI manages this communication and displays the status of these orders, deliveries and payments.For example: A purchase order is sent to a supplier. The suppliers transmits back confirmation of receipt. GoFar EDI receives this purchase order and translates the order to a picking list. Using the GoFar Picking and Scan Packing module, this picking list can be picked from paper or from the GoFar hand held mobile computer (or Wireless device).

Once the picking and scan packing process are complete, the supplier transmits this information back to the Purchasing company.
This message or Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN), includes product, price, quantity, pack size, courier, consignment note and delivery date and is used to create an electronic invoice. GoFar EDI is readily connected to your ERP/accounting system, including: Microsoft Dynamics; MYOB; Quicken; EXONET; Netsuite and many others. Please enquire about linking GoFar EDI to your ERP system..

Other EDI / B2B messages that are supported by GoFar EDI include:

  • Purchase Order
  • Functional Acknowledgements / Control Messages
  • Product Catalogue Maintenance
  • Purchase Order Adjustments (POA)
  • Recipient Create Tax Invoices
  • Payment Remittances
  • ASN

GoFar EDI / B2B Software includes templates for the following retailers in Australia:

  • ABC
  • Amart
  • Anaconda
  • BCF
  • Best n Less
  • Big W
  • Borders
  • Coles
  • Danks
  • David Jones
  • Dick Smith
  • Franklins
  • Freedom Furniture
  • Good Guys
  • Harvey Norman
  • Rebel Sports
  • Reece
  • Sanity
  • Super Cheap Auto
  • Target
  • TradeLink
  • Woolworths
  • Independants

Example: A diagramatic representation of the EDI process of a wholesaler communicating electronically with a retailer. In this example the wholesaler uses the MYOB

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