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The GoFar Software suite includes: Electronic Trading (EDI), Warehouse Management and Supply Chain applications.

EDIElectronic Trading – EDI
Nortech provides automated electronic order-to-delivery trading solutions. Electronic trading, commonly referred to as EDI (electronic data interchange), allows purchasing departments to securely connect to suppliers for establishing and tracking purchases and freight movement. See the Support section for more information on EDI. GoFar EDI operates over a Secure Internet based messaging network


Nortech provides warehouse management solutions. the solutions include: GoFar Software application; Mobile RF scanners, RFID tags and scanners, barcode labelling and printers. Nortech provides solutions for warehouses of all sizes.

Supply Chain
Nortech provides supply chain systems providing electronic messaging, warehouse management, and freight tracking solutions. for retail, wholesale, and other trading companies of all sizes around the world.

Our software product range includes the folllowing:

GoFar Drop Ship Supply Chain System including EDI Messaging and Freight Tracking.
Nortech provides EDI order-to-delivery solutions for companies of all sizes.
GoFar Scan Packing for Online and B2B Orders.The GoFar WMS is a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use warehouse management solution
Gateway for Host Connections and Electronic Trading


GoFar Software connectors provide realtime links between you companies existing systems and all of your trading partners for the purpose of synchronising business information in real time.  GoFar software eliminates data entry and transfer business data such as products, orders, invoices, notifications, payments, and many more.
Provides mailboxes and translation of data for B2B compliance with your Trading Partners, with direct links to your QuickBooks system.
 Nortech provides the interface between MYOB / EXO and your EDI Trading Partners.
GoFar provides an electronic connection to courier companies like: Auspost Eparcel, TNT, Toll, Direct Freight, Allied Express, Ross Freight and many others.
Nortech host Interface between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and your EDI Trading Partner
software-connectors-iconNetsuite Interface
GoFar provides the interface between Netsuite and your EDI Trading Partners.

GoFar services include