Nortech providing B2B Solutions for Coles Suppliers

29/11/2010 – Nortech is enabling suppliers to trade electronically with Coles using the GoFar B2B system.

Like Coles, many Australian retailers are encouraging suppliers to adopt B2B systems to trade electronically and eliminate paper in the supply chain.
At Nortech we consider the issues facing suppliers in purchasing electronic systems, and we solve the issue from the suppliers point of view. This often includes links to other systems used at suppliers, including ERP and Accounting systems, Warehouse Management systems, and Courier and Freight systems.
Please call for a no obligation discussion on how GoFar software enables companies with EDI and B2B systems for electronic purchasing, invoicing and paper less operations,  to comply with the retailers EDI requirement and improve workflow,  reducing cost and increasing profits.
GoFar connects suppliers to multiple trading partners and customers, including: Retailer’s; Online retailers,  Websites, Courier & Transport; Internal accounting systems and more.

For more information on how GoFar EDI will reduce the cost of running your business and increase your business profits, please contact
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