Nortech Launches Drop Ship Website for Online Retailers and Drop Shippers

20/08/2010 – Nortech launches Drop Ship website for Online Retailers and drop shippers
We have been awarded a place on a State funded technology program for innovation and are looking for a person to assist with the further design and development of our product range.
Our work is in the business collaboration space where we work at the interface of different systems and incorporate hardware like mobile devices and scanners
We are looking for a young sales professional to contact prospects, cold call, and arrange sales. is a drop ship gateway to link online retailers to suppliers
Why the need for a drop ship gateway ?
In order to link an Online Retailer to multiple suppliers, a centtral gtaeway is required that does the folloeing
consolidate produucts from all suppliers
distribnute purchase orders
collect and reconole electronic ionvocies
match and rteconil paymentys
In, turn , the wholelsalers get the same benefit, it enable a holserlaer to:
trade with multiiple online retailers
make use of EDI scan pack and warehouse software

shiptoNortech launches, a Drop Ship website for Online Retailers and Drop Ship wholesalers.
Designed to make it easy for wholesalers to sell their products on other companies websites or Online Retailers.
And easy fro Online retailers to conneect to multiple suppliers.
The problem is that:
For Online retailers, the website provides:
Consolidated catalogues of multiple wholesalers
Electronic purchase order management
Supplier Invoice matching and reconciliation
The system is a gateway to
For Drop Ship suppliers, the website provides:
Downloadable applications that do the work of order management
Inventory management
Courier packing
Scan pack
Electronic invoice directly linked to MYOB, QuickBooks and other applications

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