Nortech Becomes a Woolworth’s Accredited VAN Provider

16/05/2012 – Nortech is a Woolworth’s Accredited VAN Service Provider

Nortech has achieved iVan status with Woolworths. Nortech is able to assist suppliers to get on board and trade with Woolworths via EDI and with a direct connection to Woolworths, which means a direct gateway to: Woolworths, Masters, BigW, Progressive (NZ) and other retailers in the Woolworths group of companies.  

For suppliers, using Nortech GoFar software and iVan services, and trading large volumes with Woolworths, will bring cost savings.

Once step better than Web Portal or the WOW link

GoFar software provides a seamless data-entry free link to Woolworths. Unlike the WOW link, GoFar software brings orders directly into your accounting system and sends response back to Woolworths with no manual data entry required.

GoFar software will also link to other retailers, which eliminates the need to log-on to multiple websites, like the WOW link.

For more information on how Nortech may connect you to Woolworths and other retailers, please contact us on Unit 4, 7 Packard Avenue, Castle Hill, NSW Australia 2154This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
or +61 2 8831 6393.