Microsoft Dynamics Connector

Host Interface between Quickbooks and your EDI Trading Partners

Nortech’s GoFar EDI software solution provides mailboxes and translation of data for B2B compliance with your Trading Partners, with direct links to your QuickBooks system. GoFar EDI includes translation methods for direct real-time integration.  Product, Orders and fulfilment data. for all your electronic trading partners, is captured in GoFar and integrated with your QuickBooks system.  Providing a seamless flow of data for your supply chain.  Nortech’s focus is to eliminate processing bottlenecks by implementing an uninterrupted electronic supply chain. GoFar’s integrated B2B process eliminates the following:

Document preparation and printing to paper:

  • Mail preparation
  • Telephone calling
  • Manual data entry in the ERP for raising sales orders and invoices
  • Manual data entry and paper handling in the warehouse
  • Errors, providing error detection and correction
  • Payment reconciliation

The integration of  the GoFar system with QuickBooks system, achieves the following:

  • Eliminate data-entry cost
  • Eliminate data-entry errors
  • Fast turnaround and fulfillment of orders
  • Accurate and real-time information relating to sales, inventory and products
  • Electronic Inventory and stock control
  • Electronic payments and payment reconciliation from customers

GoFar’s full B2B EDI system allows for much more than simply receiving electronic purchase orders. Electronic information becomes more useful as data becomes available to more than the warehouse and billing department. Included in translatable messages is PAD (retail sales analysis data). GoFar receives and translates PAD into readable reports for sales analysis. This data can be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and reports detail of store level retail sales. These reports can be drilled down to exacting detail for analysis of :

  • Stock on hand
  • Product sales demographic
  • Sales by SKU
  • Stock On Order
  • Weekly Sales Totals
  • Sales by Store by SKU
  • Analysis of over performing and underperforming stores
The GoFar B2B system is a viable and affordable method of linking retailers to suppliers and especially connecting disparate systems, including ERP and WMS systems, into a single supply system. GoFar translators verify and check data, ensuring error-free processing and a thorough and smooth flow through the electronic chain.

All products are uniquely bar-coded with GS1 Global Standards and all B2B messages conform to GSI EANCOM Standards. These standards create an environment capable of electronic input of detailed product, delivery, location, price and sales data. This allows insertion of data electronically in one end of the supply chain to be carried through to fulfilment with no manual interference. Fulfilment rates increase and error rates decrease for all parties involved in the order fulfilment supply chain.

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