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EasyPDF400 highlights:

– Conversion of AS/400 spool files to PDF documents
– Dynamic, spool data-based PDF file naming and location path
– Automatic archiving and cataloging of PDF documents based on spool data (customer number, inventory number, etc.)
– Redesign of the spool file by adding the PDF template, logo, images, bar-code, etc.- Addition of signature extracted from the signature file or from a sign pad to PDF documents
– Comprehensive system for PDF document distribution by email, fax, network, and FTP
-PDF creation directly from RPG and COBOL programs  

When should EasyPDF400 be used?
FAQ:       How can I convert some of my spool files to PDF documents automatically?

Answer: EasyPDF400 monitors specific spool files in selected output queues.
                Each spool file that matches selected attributes (spool file name, output queue, user data, form
                type, etc.) is automatically converted into a PDF document. The PDF file can be placed in AS/400
                folders, IFS, or in any network location accessible to the EasyPDF400 server.

FAQ:       How can I set dynamically the name and location of converted PDF documents?
Answer: EasyPDF400 can extract values form the document data.
               These values can be used to produce the PDF file name and its location path. Furthermore, the 
               stored PDF files can be retrieved and displayed directly from an AS/400 application screen 
               (emulation) using VRtech’s LinkIt product.               

FAQ:       Can EasyPDF400 improve my spool file design while converting it to PDF?
Answer: Yes. EasyPDF400 can extract the spool data and apply to it a pre-designed PDF template.
                This differs from using the overlay technology, because it provides a method for accurate
                positioning of data into the PDF template, which produces a high-quality PDF document.

FAQ:      Can EasyPDF400 dynamically add elements such as bar codes, images, signatures, etc., while
               converting the files into PDF?
Answer: Yes. EasyPDF400 can add functionality elements to the PDF document.
               Bar codes can be created for documents based on document data.
               Images such as item picture/drawing/logo can be added for an item number that appears in the
               document data.
               Signatures can be added to the document either according to the person submitting the document
               or based on the document type.

FAQ:      My customer must sign the printed spool file at the shop counter.
               Can EasyPDF400 add signatures received electronically and include them into the printed PDF
Answer: Yes. EasyPDF400 can include customer signatures received from the sign pad into the PDF document.
               Furthermore, the signatures can be added to all the relevant pages of PDF documents.   

FAQ:       Can I distribute a PDF document through different channels such as e-mail, fax, or FTP? 
Answer: Yes. The EasyPDF400 distribution module can submit PDF documents to a variety of channels:
               E-mail/fax: The PDF is sent as an attachment to recipients whose e-mail/fax details appear in the
               PDF document or to a list of recipients defined in the document configuration file.
               FTP: PDF documents can be uploaded to a remote site using the FTP protocol.
               This feature is useful for updating Web sites or for implementing a remote backup of important documents.
               File system: PDF documents can be stored at a dynamic location on the network, allowing multiple
               user access to these folders and files.
               Third-party software integration: EasyPDF400 is designed to support external software packages
               through its user exit program facility.
               Integration with software such as Cyber Arc is implemented using this facility.

FAQ:       Can I create a PDF document directly in my legacy application written in RPG and COBOL?
Answer: Yes. EasyPDF400 includes an API that allows writing directly to a PDF document instead of a spool file. 
               This API does not require any special knowledge of PDF technology, and any legacy programmer
               can cope easily with the API implementation.

FAQ:       Can I create PDF documents based on PC text files?
Answer: Yes. EasyPDF400 is written using Java technology and can be installed in a PC environment.
                The PDF document can be assembled from data distributed across a text file, or from data stored in different record types.