GoFar EDI for Animal Health

24/11/2010 – GoFar EDI provides Electronic Invoicing for suppliers to Veterinary Clinics

zebravetGoFar EDI has been commissioned at Zebra Vet to provide a direct electronic connection for Zebra Vet, a supplier of Pharmaceuticals and Medical supplies to Veterinary Clinics, like GreenCross Vets.
Initially over 50 vets will be part of the supply chain, and will eventually extend to hundreds of Vets.
GoFar EDI receives electronic purchase orders and sends electronic invoices between the Vet Point Of Sale system and the suppliers accounting system.

This connection eliminates manual keying, paper, mistakes and occurs without delay. Thereby reducing order turnaround to under an hour.
Benefits are:
The workflow process now contains less steps and no paper. For example: Sending product changes to customers, receiving orders, and sending invoices and shipment notifications is all electronic. There is no paper, email or phone call required in these process’s.

Inventory Management
Product information and Inventory is monitored and changes in product details, inventory levels, New products and Discontinued products may be sent to customers at the click of a button.

Financial Benefits
Receiving purchase orders electronically means no re-keying and no mistakes, and getting orders out the day faster.
Sending Invoices electronically means no re-keying and no mistakes, and getting paid faster.

Supply Chain
Electronic message going to courier companies means no rekeying of delivery address’s, no errors, use of a single application without the need of courier software, and closer tracking of transport and deliveries

The GoFar EDI Electronic supply chain systemn is a Win – Win  – Win, for, Suppliers – Customers – and Consumers.

Please call for a no obligation discussion on how GoFar software enables companies with EDI and B2B systems for electronic purchasing, invoicing and paper-less operations to comply with the your trading partner EDI requirements and improve your own workflow.
GoFar connects: Suppliers to Purchaser; Wholesalers to Retailer’s; drop Ship warehouses to Online retailers. Electronic connections extend to: Courier and Transport companies; internal accounting systems; Warehouse Management/Inventory systems and more.

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