GoFar EDI – Electronic Invoicing for suppliers to Franchise Operators – KFC

24/11/2010 – GoFar EDI provides Electronic Invoicing for suppliers to Franchise Operators – KFC

GoFar EDI is providing a direct electronic connection for a salad and lettuce supplier to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).
GoFar EDI receives electronic purchase orders and sends electronic invoices between the KFC host ERP system and the suppliers accounting system.
This connection eliminates manual keying, paper, mistakes and occurs without delay. Thereby reducing order turnaround to under an hour instead of most of a day.
Please call for a no obligation discussion on how GoFar software enables companies with EDI and B2B systems for electronic purchasing, invoicing and paper-less operations, to comply with the retailers EDI requirement and improve your own workflow.
GoFar connects suppliers sales systems, directly to the purchasing systems of Retailer’s, Online Retailers, and other types of companies. These direct connections also extend to transport and courier companies as well as other participants in your supply chain, like factories, 3PL warehouses, Finance companies and Sourcing agents.

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