GoFar EDI Connects Fitness Supplier, AFS, to Online Retailer and Drop Ship Warehouse

20/06/2011 – GoFar EDI connects fitness supplier, AFS, to Online Retailer and drop ship warehouse

afs_logoNortech supplied and commissioned an EDI system to Australian Fitness Supplies (AFS). The system provides an electronic connection between three companies: The Vendor,AFS; The Online Retailer; and The third party logistics warehouse.
This implementation provides a seamless flow of Orders, Invoices and Despatch Notices, between the accounting and operational systems, without any manual keyboard data entry.
The solution includes direct connectivity to the MYOB business systems of AFS, at the head office, so that Website Sales received are sent directly into theMYOB Accounting system without data entry and, in turn, relayed to the appropriate warehouse. The solution supports multiple warehouses.
In this way, all order and responses are processed electronically without data entry. Orders are received as well as responses and despatch advice confirmations sent back to the customers.

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