GoFar DropShip

GoFar Drop Ship Supply Chain System including EDI Messaging and Freight Tracking.
Sell more online !

Connects your company to online retailers like: EBay, DealsDirect and others, for: Submitting products; Receiving orders and; Sending shipping information to couriers, all from one application.

The GoFar Drop Ship system consists of 2 parts:
The GoFar EDI Windows application. This is installed to the suppliers warehouse and office, to submit products, receive Sales Orders and  send shipping responses. The software is a scan pack system, providing RF picking and packing. It prints consignment notes, and automatically notifies courier companies to complete shipments.

The shipto gateway includes connectors and translators that link wholesalers to Internet Retailers for online supply chain systems. There are various configurations:

Online Supply Chain Operators. GoFar Drop Ship (GFDP) will manage an Online Supply Chain. The systems links wholesalers to E-tailers and provides visibility of Products, Inventory and Orders. In this way it creates creates an online Trading communities.

Drop Ship Agents. GFDP for agents managing gateways on behalf of Suppliers and E-tailers. This configuration is designed for the setup and management of a Drop Shipping Business with multiple suppliers trading with multiple E-tail

Drop Ship Suppliers and Wholesalers – Single E-Tailer model. Become a drop ship wholesaler. GFDP is intended for suppliers and wholesalers who want to sell online without having to own or operate a website. The technology feeds products from a wholesaler to other websites (e-Tailers ), requiring the wholesaler  to simply drop ship their products direct to customers in a GFDP electronic supply chain. This technology sells your products via other Websites, no need to have your own website.

E-tailers. This version of the software is intended for use by the E-Tailer or Website operator. GFDP may expand your business without expanding your warehouse. Make use of a drop ship supply chain to sell products from multiple wholesalers operated by other suppliers. No need to hold stock, just send to drop shippers. Intranet

Intranet Feeder. Wholesalers and Suppliers, you may now sell your products on other companies Intranet websites, via the GFDP product feed. Expand your business without expanding your warehouse. Make use of a drop ship supply chain to sell products from your warehouse. No need to operate your own website.


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