GoFar Connect

Gateway for Host Connection and Electronic Trading

GoFar Connect connects your existing system to your trading partners in your supply chain. It provides visibility of inventory and management of electronic documents and messages from purchases, invoices through to final delivery.  The GoFar Connect Supply Chain System tracks the life cycle of a Purchase Order from the moment it is sent to a supplier until finally goods are delivered to a customer. The system starts with the Purchase Order or Allocation, received directly from Merchandising/ERP systems and ends with final delivery of items to end users or stores. GoFar Connect provides Supply visibility and management of messages from purchases through to final delivery. It provides web based message boxes, a unique web based label printing system, consignment note generation and an interface to your preferred courier company.

Features include:

  • Setup your own trading environment and add: Suppliers, Customers  Courier; Transport; financial and other trading partners
  • Configure electronic connections to these trading partners
  • Setup direct links to your accounting and billing systems
  • Multiple Mailboxes for different types of messages and message responses.
  • Multiple simultaneous Supplier/Vendor connections
  • High speed web-print system for high volume label printing jobs
  • Compatible with EANCOM standards and EDI.
  • Comprehensive Reports for end of day and of period
  • Download daily freight information, prints packing labels, price tickets and Consignment Notes.
  • Provide driver manifests, and daily summary manifests and billing files.
  • Scalable platform based in .Net and SQL Server


The system provides an online management tool for:

  • Retailers,
  • Purchasing Departments,
  • Suppliers,
  • Warehouses and
  • Stores,
  • Courier Companies,
  • Supply Chain and Operations Managers.

The status of each stage of message and delivery is displayed online, for example:

A purchase order is sent to a supplier via GoFar Connect ; the suppliers transmits back confirmation of receipt. GoFar receives this purchase order and translates the order to a picking list. Using the GoFar Picking and Scan Packing module, this picking list can be picked from paper or from the GoFar hand held mobile computer (using a Pocket PC based device). Once the picking and scan packing process are complete, the supplier transmits this information back to the Purchasing company. This information is an electronic invoice and includes information on product, price, quantity, pack size, courier company, con note and date. This is called an ASN (Advanced Shipment Notice), and is an electronic invoice.

Web Printing for online efficiency

The GoFar system provides a versatile and highly efficient and reliable solution to the problem of transmitting thousands of 10 kbyte print files, consignment notes and manifest documents via the internet to different local printers at different locations, on demand. The labeling system is used by a variety of people, at a company’s head office, as well as at all of the company’s suppliers. Each user of the system has a log in and an independent user profile. The system is currently used by company’s with multiple suppliers, to print out thousands of labels each day, prepare courier/freight manifests and reports; and to reconcile courier/freight billing information at the end of day.
The aims of the system are to:

  • Standardise Carton Labels and Conform with the requirements of your nominated courier (Example Toll In2Store), in order to use the Couriers’ Distribution Centres, their vehicles and systems.
  • Ensure each Supplier has the correct Labels, Delivery Dockets and Manifests. Each supplier logs on and generates and Prints : Labels ; Delivery Notes; Manifest Documents ; Daily Manifest summaries. Transmit billing files.
  • Control Billing of Freight – The System prepares and transmits daily billing files of all of the manifests of the goods that have been collected.
  • Track Goods. The System controls and tracks the movement of goods from the various warehouses/Suppliers to the Stores.
  • Eliminate Errors and duplicate freight charges caused by split shipments and delays. Previously caused by insufficient consignment notes being generated for large consignments, which were often collected and delivered over multiple days.